Team surrounded by food icons

Our story.

The idea for SeeFood came a few years ago when Roberto was out of town visiting a friend in Chico, CA. It was his first time in the area and he had no idea what to eat. They ended up at a small authentic Japanese restaurant where the menus were in a foreign language. He and his friends were confused and had no idea how they were going to figure out what to order.

Seeing their confusion, the waitress brought over a binder with photos of their dishes. This helped a bit, but as they grew hungry and anxious, they now had to wait for the binder to make its way around the table. It was in that moment that Roberto realized how useful it would be to have photos and info for restaurant menus through his mobile phone.

Soon after his trip Roberto tried to find a solution for this problem, but he could not find one. Yelp was great for finding a new restaurant but that's where that ended. Yelp doesn't have full menus, sometimes has pictures but they are not always good quality and aren't labeled with dish names or organized. TripAdvisor was similar but not consistent either. And so SeeFood was born.

Meet the team.

Portrait of Roberto Guerrero Jr.

Roberto Guerrero Jr.

Founder and Business Development

I believe that experiences are what make life enjoyable. I have been fortunate enough to learn what my passion is and what motivates me. My passion is technology and I am motivated to build product that helps create experiences for people. Some of my fondest memories have centered around the experience of dinning out and enjoying a meal with friends and family. I started SeeFood because I believe we can help make this experience even better.

Portrait of Joseph Molina

Joseph Molina

Co-Founder and Lead Android Engineer

“It’s up to you to make each day a good day!” That is a quote I live by every day. I learned early on that there is no such thing as a “bad day”. You can always have a good day if you have the right mindset! I am a first-generation college graduate and Software Engineer. I love building things that help the world. I joined SeeFood because I believe it will change the way people dine in and improve the dining experience. I’m excited to implement features that will help people of different languages!

Portrait of Kyle Contreras

Kyle Contreras

Lead Photographer

Kyle has a degree in business administration in concentration in accounting from Cal state Monterey bay. However, his passion has been photography. He switched his interests from adventure photography to food photography ever since joining Seefood. Other things he is passionate about is his family, friends, and the art of becoming a better than he was the day prior.

Portrait of Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez

Senior Photographer

Carlos is from the Monterey Bay area. Photography started as a hobby and over time turned into something more. Macro shots are his favorite style of shooting enthusiast.

Portrait of Elbert Ramos

Elbert Ramos


My name is Elbert I was born and raised in LA but have been living in Salinas for 4 years now. I developed a love for video at a very young age which eventually turned into my passion. Happy and blessed to be part of the seefood team. I get to create meaningful and exciting content, looking forward to the future of SeeFood!

Portrait of Frank Duenez

Frank Duenez

Android Development

I am interning at SeeFood as an Android developer, and I am a recent undergraduate from California State University, Monterey Bay. In my spare time, I like to go out hiking with my friends and going to restaurants I have never been to before.

Portrait of Gurpreet Sidhu

Gurpreet Sidhu

Backend Developer

Hey there, I’m Gurpreet. A little about me: I am a newly minted Software Engineer and Computer Scientist, excited to make my way into the world. I’ve also worked for the better part of the last decade as a Pharmacy Tech. I am an avid fan of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, print or screen.. it doesn’t matter! I’m an aspiring writer myself and a sometimes graphic artist. You could say I wear many hats, but usually it’s just a beanie.